Inspiration – Dream Catcher Frame 1

Powertex UK make a triangle panel frame as well as the square one, This week I am using a triangle to create a Dream Catcher themed project.

As much much was I love the square panel frame from Powertex UK, I’ve been looking forward to trying the triangle frame too.

To build the frame up, I used the same techniques as we did in our recent plaque class by using EasyStructure,  Corrugated Card and Abaca. I mixed some 3D sand and small balls into the EasyStructure to add even more texture.

I added some resin, MDF and Heartysoft clay embellishments and covered it all in a coat of black Powertex.

I used one of the rings from the Powertex Dream Catcher MDF set. and covered the back with Abaca to give it the woven effect of a Dream Catcher.

Finally I covered one of the Wolves from the Zuri White Fangs moulds with black Powertex and set everything aside to dry.

Now all I have to do is to decide how to colour it. Have you used the Triangle frames? If so share them on my Portberry Crafts Facebook page.

Emma W