Inspiration – Autumnal Wreath 2

In November, we will be rerunning our Wreath class, this week  I’m adding base colours to my Autumn Wreath.

Having finished the base colour, I’ve left it to dry for a couple of days and then go in and touch up the bits I’ve missed. This is one of the reasons I hold back a little bit of my custom colour.

I like to do this step with a small make up sponge as it gives a very even finish, including in the very detailed areas.

To add details to the base I used a mixture of metallic acrylic inks and paints. I decided which side I wanted as the light side and added Metallic Coral and Yellow Meringue Paint …On the dark side I added Copper with Orange Marmalade Paint.

I add a little bit at a time so that its easy to blend. At this stage I am not highlighting details or dry brushing the surface, it’s about breaking down the background colour subtly.

It’s currently drying so I can add the final details.

Emma W