Inspiration – Autumn Wreath 3

In the final installment about our Wreath Class, I look at adding shade and light to wreath.

When I am shading a wreath, first I decide where I want the light to come from, for example in this ring I chose the right-top quarter.

I put the lighter pigments on the outside of the right-top side and the inside of the left-bottom side of the ring (and any embellishments on those sides, like the Owl). The dark pigments go on the reverse side.

I also put light pigments on the right and top of embellishments at the top and bottom.

I don’t put too much dark pigments at the top nor do I put too much light pigment at the bottom.

By adding shading like this, you can depth to flat shapes. I finished by colouring in a couple of embellishments to add focal points, without detracting from the harvest colouring.

I finished the whole project with a coat of varnish and left it to cure.

We are monitoring the current COVID situation and we are hoping to put tickets on sale for our Wreath class soon.

What will you create?

Emma W