From Our Class – Powertex Plaques

In our September 2020 class we looked at adding layers to the Powertex square plaques, which are a favourite of mine.

I’ve shared before that I had a real light bulb moment with mixed media projects when I started to expirement with layers and this is something I am keen to share in my classes.

This month we looked at how we can build up layers to add lots of texture to Powertex projects.

We started by looking at how we can build a base with flat texture. If this seems a bit odd, its about adding texture without bulk or weight and is vital for building your bases.

Afterwards we added embellishments, focal points and lots of black Powertex. At this point, it can be hard to see where its going… as it’s very very black.

The final stages involves “knocking back” the black by dry brushing white powertex and adding spray colours and metallic pigments.

The MDF  plaques are very versatile and exclusive to Powertex UK.

What will you create?

Emma W