How to… Building Confidence With Mixed Media 2

In the second in our mini series  on building confidence with Mixed Media, I look at my secret weapon – single ply napkins.

Last week, we looked at building layers as the basis for a mixed media project. This week I want to share how I bring the layers together in way which doesn’t loose details but adds more texture.

Tip Six – Cheap single ply napkins disintegrate slightly with Powertex, leaving a fibrous layer.

After adding all the embellishments, I covered them all with lead Powertex. As you can see some materials are covered by the first layer Powertex better than others.

I find that bare MDF can sometimes look shiny when you add Powertex and some of the edges look stark and I want to blend them together.

For each area that I want to add a layer of tissue to, I cover it with another thin layer of Powertex and gently pat on a torn piece of tissue.

Tip Seven – I try to cover each embellishments with one piece of tissue paper which is just larger than the embellishments(eg the clock face or corregated card).

Tip Eight – to wet the napkin down, I use a stencil brush and stippling movement as it’s easier to get into all the details of the embellishments…. it also to break down the fibres in the napkin.

This technique works with any embellishments that I want to blend in, so stencilling, embossed cardstock, MDF, metal and free hand EasyStructure.

Next steps are to add embellishments that I want to stand out.

Emma W