Inspiration – Rainbow Birdbox

I’ve challenged myself to decorate two identical MDF birdhouse in two completely different ways.

I wanted to spend some of lockdown challenging myself, so I wanted to see how different I could make two identical birdhouses. Here is my first project.

I put both birdhouses together with transparent Powertex and then covered them inside and outside with Bronze Powertex.

For design number one, I decided to focus on pigment colours, so I decided to embellish the sides with MDF and clay shapes.

For the roof, I cut two pieces of corrugated card. Using a syringe I squirted Bronze Powertex down each ridge to create a waterproof seal.

In celebration of lockdown rainbows, I decided to go with a range of Powertex pearl pigments, starting with lipstick red.

The secret to blending pigments is to add many dry brushing layers using at least a three quarter inch flat brush,. The more layers you add the softer the lines become between the colours helping them to flow. Don’t add too much colour in any one layer as this will also help blending.

This project has about 10 layers of colours. Next up Stone Art and Fabric Sculpture.

Emma W