How to… Building Confidence With Mixed Media 3

In the third in our mini series on building confidence with Mixed Media, I add the final layer and add colour.

Last week, we looked at how you can bring layers together using single ply napkins. Now I want to add bulky detailed embellishments to add the final flourish.

Tip Nine – If you have detailed embellishments made out of clay or resin, add these last, after the napkins

After letting the base dry, I wanted to add some detailed embellishments made out of clay for extra detail and focal poins. For this project I used a mixture of Heartysoft and Stone Art.

I lay out all the embellishments and take a picture before sticking them in place, as this is the final layer I want to make sure the whole design is balanced.

Tip Ten – If you leave any gaps, make sure they aren’t surrounded on all sides or “trapped”, so it can flow into the next part of the design.

I moved this rose so that, I didn’t trap this corner.

I don’t make decision about colour until everythingisstuck down. This project started out in my mind as a steampunk or industrial clock, but when I saw the finished design I went for iridescent red, blue and purple to go with a fantasy design.

Tip Eleven – Throughout your project, don’t be afraid to change your mind. Art evolves and be brave and see how it changes.

When you use the iridescent colours on grey, they retain the sheen but go a soft pastel shade. Be careful not to overlap the colour as they can come out as white.

I hope this mini lock down series has given you some ideas. What will you create?

Emma W