How to… Building Confidence With Mixed Media 1

Someone has recently told me they can’t get the hang of a mixed media as it looks messy  so I wanted to share some of the lessons I have learned.

I think I have shared before that one of my creative “eureka” moments was listening to Leonie Pujol talk about layers and how they form the basis of mixed media projects. This gave me confidence to play and see what works for me.

Tip one – there is no right or wrong, you need to give yourself permission to play.

I am using an MDF clock plaque from Powertex, as because they already have a 3D element to them, so your first layer is complete.

I like to start with some EasyStructure paste, you can either spread this through stencils or apply it free hand.

Tip two – EasyStructure is thick and you can use a palette knife to create ripples or peaks without needing lots of extra tools

Once this is dried, I add the first layer of embellishments, this usually involves some corregated card (from cardboard boxes), paper flowers from prima and small MDF or metal shapes.

Tip three – Don’t try and fill all the gaps, you can always more.

Tip four – try and keep your embellishments balanced, so if you fill the top tight corner corregated card, put a similar size piece in the bottom left.

Tip five – group your small embellishments together in odd number groups, 3 or 5 or 7 etc.

I normally do this step in the colour Powertex that I will using but I wanted to show how chaotic it can look at this point.

There are some themed embellishments such as cogs, steampunk crowns and clock hands. But there are also musical notes stars, feathers and butterflies.

Next steps will be to bring it together.

Emma W