Portberry Crafts Colour of the Month – Yellow

Welcome to 2021, we are going to start sharing more inspirational posts, starting with a regular colour of the month blog post.

This year there are two Pantones of the Year so we are looking at how you can use one of them, illuminating (a bright yellow), in your Powertex projects.

layering up Powertex Products to add depth

Yellow as a primary colour, can be used to great effect to complement other primary colours or it’s secondary colours, it is on the warm side of the colour wheel and also works well with warm metallic such as Gold.

Here I have used Egg Yolk Acrylic Ink Spray, Sherbet Dip Pearl Pigment and Lemon Meringue Acrylic Paint all from Powertex over white powertex to give a true representationof the colours. By using the three together you can add depth.

Using Powertex Paint to tint other products

I also used the Lemon Meringue Paint in air dry clay with clear gold pigments to give a subtle marbled effect.

adding pigments on Yellow Ochre Powertex

Powertex also comes in Yellow Ochre, a deep rich yellow, which can be lifted with gold or pearl pigments to give it a real shimmer.

Mixing Powertex Colours

You can also blend Powertex colours together, as a primary colour, Yellow Ochre is a great base for many walm shades, including the burnt orange I created last year.

I’d love to see your yellow Powertex projects so please share them on the Portberry Crafts Facebook page.

Emma W