Portberry Crafts Texture of the Month – T-Shirt Yarn

As part of our new 2021 inspiration posts, I will be sharing a different texture each month, starting with versatile T-shirt yarn.

One of my favourite 100% cotton, recycled materials is T-shirt yarn, made from the off cuts of clothing manufacturing.

Powertex Bowl made from coiled Tshirt Yarn

You can use it in coils to create building blocks for projects, I also twirl them to create hooks on my wreaths.

Using T-shirt Yarn to create details

I use T-shirt yarns to create vines and branches, you can twist them to add even more details as they aren’t even all over.

T-shirt Yarn tree

You can also use them to add swirls and twists, which can add a fresco style to projects.

Decorating odd shapes with T-shirt Yarn

I also wrap unravelled tshirt yarn around odd shaped substrates such as these polystyrene cones. In these cases, I will wrap it around an object dry and paint the powertex on later.

T-shirt yarn Jewellery

Finally I’ve plaited the material wet to create jewellery. Your neck has about the same diameter as a roll of sellotape.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas.

Emma W