Hints and Tips – Using Abaca

Abaca fabric is the netted fibres of the Abaca plant, which is part of the Banana family. Its perfect for using with Powertex was it’s natural.

I am always on the look out for natural materials which can be used with Powertex.

One of my favourites is Abaca, which adds amazing texture but it doesn’t always stick first time so can be frustrating. As our September class found out.

Abaca comes in rolls or thinner ribbons (which can be thicker), you can cut and trim it with scissors and you can use simple Bigz dies from Sizxix (don’t choose one with too much details).

But be warned, it is more air than fibre because of the mesh, so you need to hold it down when sticking it with Powertex, don’t be tempted to add more Powertex as it makes things slippy.

Once dried the netted effect looks amazing, especially once it has been dry brushed. It’s a great background for natural projects with plants and trees as well as adding chaos to steampunk and grunge projects.

What will you create?

Emma W