Inspiration – Autumnal Wreath

In November, we will be rerunning our Wreath class, in preparation this week  I’m making a Autumn wresth for our door.

Our annual Powertex Wreath class uses an MDF ring especially made for us by Infinite Crafts in Street, decorated with calico,  jute and lace as a base and a range of embellishments.

Although Powertex already comes into a range of amazing colours, you can increase your options by mixing them together. For this wreath  I am using Red and Yellow Ochre to make orange as my base colour.

When mixing colours together, i start with the lighter colours and add the darker colour a small bit at a time. I’ve made this colour before and I know I need about 10 parts yellow to 1 part red.

Most of the coloured Powertex’s dry slightly darker, especially red, blue and green so you need factor this when mixing. I use a silicone palette knife to mix colours as its right mix of flexibility and firmness.

I don’t mix the colours completely as you end up with a little bit of variation whilst rubbing it into materials will help the mixing.

I made enough to cover the ring with fabric and lace and embellishments. I keep a little back (decanted into a clean dry powertex bottle) for touching up any bit I missed  which are easy to spot when it’s dried.

In my next post I’ll share how I add depth to the colour.

Emma W