Hints and Tips – Mixing Powertex

The range of ready made Powertex colours is only the start, you can really mix them up together,  add pigments and layer them up.

The consistency of Powertex makes it perfect for acrylic dirty pour techniques. This is something i had the chance to play with recently and looked at how you can add texture  with 3D Flex.

One of the things, I learned about myself recently whilst training is i need to be less cautious and just be braver. One thing about dirty pours is you give up control of what happens.

One of the secrets of a dirty pour is to make sure the colours don’t mix too much. This combination is lead, green, blue and ivory Powertex with brown bister.

The other secret is that your canvas is your palette and you mix colours on the canvas.

To add more texture, I added 3D flex, but in my first attempt, I didn’t add enough so although I had some lovely colours but no cracks.

I made some more 3D Flex and with the help of the tutor I learnt to pull the 3D flex to give me a halo effect.

Once it had dried and cracked. Once it had dried, I added more coats of powertex to add more texture, using a sponge and small brush.

I finished by adding ivory as a dry brush to addmore texture to the halo.

This was a good project for me to let go and create.

How will you mix colours?

Emma W