Inspiration – Grand Octopus

During Lockdown, I had a chance to play with some projects just for me. My favourite is my deep sea themed Grand Piano.

One of my favourite UK companies for 3D MDF shapes is Samantha K Crafts. Earlier this year Sam launched a range of musical themed MDF. You will see it poping up all over my blog.

The piano is easy to build (I used Transparent Powertex to stick it together). I covered it in a thin coat of Ivory Powertex inside and out and then covered most of the tops and sides in easy Structure to look like waves.

I also added a couple of layers of sand and small 3D balls to look like the beach on the top. By adding more than one coat of sand, you end up with patches.

To colour it, I marbled blue and ivory Powertex and brushed the tips with Power Pearl. I coloured the sand with yellow and yellow ochre pigments with a hint of rich gold.

I added a few sea themed MDF embellishments also coloured with blue and ivory Powertex and finished with gold pigments.

I coloured a small piece of Heartysoft clay with orange pigment. I moulded some into octopus tentacles from Katy Sue Designs and shaped the head snd the eyes free hand.

To finish off the octopus, I dry brushed orange and rich gold over the Octopus to highlight areas. Finally, I marbled a small bit of orange Heartysoft with white and moulded some shells for the beach.

It’s fun to occasionally do something just for me and this project was a great way to try different techniques. Its important as artists and crafters to play.

What will you make?

Emma W