From Our Class – Making Figurines

Different fabrics work in different ways with Powertex and in our figurine class we looked at three.

On Saturday, we held our belated anniversary figurine class and one of the advantages of a longer, larger class is a chance to play with different materials.


Calico is a partially processed cotton, somewhere between muslin and canvas in texture. I love it for skirts on figurines as it billows as well as folds nicely. One of my students created a skirt which looked like she was standing on the moors.


We used a few different types of lace to neaten edges and to form the cowl. Lace is easy to shape and can be held in place with cling film whilst it dries.

Guaze/Cheese Cloth

I’ve spent ages experimenting with different types of fabrics for figurines and my favourite when I want to add a fabric effect whilst controlling the thickness (such as arms), I reach for a guaze bandage roll or cheese cloth.

It’s so fine, it almost melts into the Powertex and even though its an open weave, you end up with a lot of texture.

If you haven’t used Powertex with different fabrics, start to play, thats how I’ve found out guaze banages make great sleeves and tshirts make great roses.

Emma W