Inspiration – Musings from my 3D Flex Training Pt2

I can now officially confirm that I am a 3D Flex convert and addict.

After two days of training, learning about cracking on canvases, MDF and polystyrene balls, I now have my new favourite way of creating with Powertex.

Day 2 Training 

One of the best things I love about training with Powertex is being challenged on my own boundaries and learning how my own crafting style shapes what I create.

I came into the classroom on day 2 to find one of my projects had not completely worked, because I am too cautious and gentle (which is also why it takes me hours to colour projects). But I know that now and am learning to adapt my style.

Sumo Figurine – Kou

Having left the newly named Kou (from the mandarin for cow, owing to her colouring) to dry overnight, we had a quick lesson on the impact of humidity on 3D flex and whilst she was still quite soft we could paint her gently.

My big learning point from this project is be brave with colour combinations, I didn’t start out to create an earthy buried statue but it works. And to play with mixing up colours.

And the cracks do keep developing over time, even now she looks different from these photos.

Moon Canvas

OK so this didn’t quite work at the time as I didn’t add enough flex in, but the great advantage of the training is learning about how to but things right

Having mixed another batch of flex up, I could see where I went wrong and fix it. I will  now be better placed to work with students. Compare this one with yesterday’s shot

This project are still very much a work in progress but I’ve learnt to go bigger and bolder with my style.

Mixed Media Triptych

I love the Powertex Triptychs and if you are a regular to this blog, you’ll have seen them before.

This one has many of the common elements I have shared in my recent mixed media series, corrugated card, polycotton and 3D balls but with focal points of cracked 3D flex painted in bright colours.

Whilst making it, I explored with the tutor how gentle I am when painting… so why it takes me so long to layer up paint and pigments. And now I’m armed with that knowledge I can adapt to different environments and mot just worry I am doing it wrong.

I loved this class, it was great not to feel that all there is to life at the moment is COVID. And most of all, I loved learning new things.

Emma W.