Inspiration – Stone Art Plaque

Just before lockdown, I spent a couple of enjoyable days learning more about Powertex Stone Art Powder.

Stone Art is a papier mache powder designed to work with Powertex. You can rub it into wet Powertex to create a realistic stone effect or mix it into Powertex to create air drying clay.

For this project I started with an MDF plaque with I embellished with EasyStructure and corregated card.

You can combine stone art with any of the coloured Powertex, I wanted a warm stone effect, so choose red as a based. (And I entered lockdown with more red than any other colour).

I mixed some of the stone art with white Powertex to make clay and used some of it to build up parts of the frame and also pushed the rest into moulds to make shells and fossils which I added to the frame.

Whilst the frame was still wet, I added a coat of stone Art, I let it dry and repeated a couple more times. I did this on a tray so I could catch the loose powder.

To colour the plaque, I spritzed mahogany bister onto a wipe mat and rubbed it into the project as this gives a more realistic stone effect. I highlighted some of the fossils with black magic before  I dry-brushed the sho project with warm gold.

What have you made with Stone Art?

Emma W