Inspiration – Advent Calendar 2

A large turning point in my creative journey was to understand how layers are used in mixed media

I have shared before than I really started my mixed media creative journey when I heard Leonie Pujol talk about how layers could be built up to develop mixed media projects.

One of my favourite ways of adding a base layer is to add cheap single ply napkin to a surface as it adds texture and breaks up the canvas.

One of my fellow Powertex Tutor has observed that I often put off starting projects by adding a layer of tissue or EasyStructure to my surfaces as an extra base.

I think it is some times natural to be nervous of a blank canvas, if you find that is the case then try adding a layer of thin texture as it breaks up the surface and can be used to turn the surface into rock, leather, water, bark or leaf as examples.

What will you create?

Emma W