Inspiration – Advent Countdown 1

The Craft Box has a 2019 limited edition Advent Calendar and I am going to be sharing how I decorate it over the next couple of weeks.

I love Christmas craft projects so when I saw The Craft Box’s Advent Calendar, I fell in love. A craft project and embellishments all in one.

The box and draws are made out of the same covered greyboard as Snip Art and beer mats! Perfect for assembling with transparent Powertex.

It took me about three hours to make the frame and 24 draws. The material holds quickly so you don’t need hold them for long before they stuck.

The frame is currently drying before I can decorate it. The thickness of the cardstock can hold a lot of medium but it’s not as heavy as MDF so you need to make sure you don’t add to much wet material at once.

Check back to see how I get on

Emma W