Class Spotlight – Christmas Cones

One class, two options. What will you make when we ask Chistmas Cone – Tree or Gnome?

In our last class for 2019, we are celebrating Christmas again with either a tree covered in lights, bling and shimmer or a Christmas Gnome in a traditional Nordic style.

Each of the designs start as a 28cm cone and the basic techniques are the same for each design so it doesn’t matter which you choose.

Made from T-Shirt yarn, which is recycled from the remnants of the clothing industry , the projects suit beginners as well as experienced Powertex artists.

The project also incorporates a string of Fairy lights, and the Gnome’s beard is made out of a mop head. You can add lace, jute and a range of festive mdf shapes to finish your project off.

Tickets are available now.

Hope to see you there

Emma W