Anything Goes – Powertex Garden Party 2

I want to share how I faced my creative fears at the Powertex Garden Party.

For an artist, I have a slight problem which hinders my work. I am afraid of using lots of colour. Muted shades, monochromatic – yes, lots of bright contrasting colours, not so much.

The second project, was not as I envisioned  it, I started by wanting hints of blues and purples with silver or gold, inspired by the quiet surroundings.

The main part of the project, is about using EasyStructure to add layers. Through stencils, with 3D balls, EasyCotton and in thick layers with whatever we have to hand including lids and straws.

I have never used EasyStructure free-hand before but I will be using it in future classes and projects. It’s unpredictable and you can amazing results, especially when you’ve sprayed them with inks.

Now this is the hard part, I started with blues and pinks with a hint of yellow to give me the soft colours but the colours ran and mixed to create secondary colours.

With Tracey’s encouragement I added acrylic paints, pigments mixed with wax to bring out even more shapes and colour.

One of things I learnt from this class was to let go and play. Our art is only limited by constraints we put on it. I need to relax and play more, especially with colour.

I am excited to see what you will create.

Emma W