Anything Goes – Powertex Garden Party 1

As there are 5 Wednesdays in July, I get to share something random.

This month, I am doing 2 “Anything Goes” as I have too many pictures for one post  This is part 1, we will share part 2 at the weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky to spend the weekend at Powertex HQ, attending the annual Garden Party.

Based in a large marque in a quiet corner of Powertex HQ, we completed two large projects over the course of the weekend, relaxed with yoga, meditation, hand massages and ate lots of food.

On the Saturday, we turned MDF and a polystyrene base into stone clock  using bister and the old and new style Stone Art.

The new style Stone Art is finer and makes a beautiful smooth clay when mixed with white powertex.

We covered it with bisters (all colours are now available at classes if you want to play). If you use Bisters, you need to cover the whole project with varnish if it going outside.

Remember, Bisters are made of the shells of Walnuts and you will need to take extra protection if you have a nut allergy.

Once the bister dried we dried brush with pigments, I matched silver to the green bister and rich gold with the red and yellow bisters.i didn’t start out planning a rust effect but sometimes things work out that way.

I am looking at ways to adapt this project for future classes so watch this space.

Emma W