Product Showcase – Red Powertex

Red Powertex was the first colour I bought and it’s still a favourite.

I love Red Powertex, it’s a bright true red and it dries a rich, not-too-dark shade as compared with the blue and green shades of Powertex.

It is the best way I have found of colouring projects red, rather than the pigments. You can enhance the warmth by dry brushing in Bronze or warm gold, or give them a frosty effect by edging in silver or pearl white.

Because it is such a strong colour, I find it works best as an accent colour as it really draws your eye when along side another deep colour like black, light colours such as ivory and yellow or contrast colours such as green.

I also find that it makes a great clay with stone art and you can add the opaque pigments to the sSone Art shapes to add greater depth.

What will you create?

Emma W