Hints and Tips – Using Stencils

Our monthly Hints and Tips on using your current craft stash with Powertex. This month – Stencils

Powertex is perfect for mixed media projects and EasyStructure is a thick paste which can be added either free hand or through stencils.

Stencils are a staple of any mixed media or papercradt artists tool sets. Often made from polypropylene or mylar, they can be made from any thick material which holds it shape including metal. You can even make your own with blank stencil sheets and dies.

They are a great way to add a layer to a base shape such as the dots in the background. EasyStructure is easy to apply in long sweeps over the surface, just as if your were spreading butter on toast.

But you can also use them to paint over areas. The diamonds on the mask have been added with EasyStructure but I placed the stencil back on to the mask to make it easy to paint them.

In this clock, I painted pigments mixed with easy varnish through a stencil straight onto a flat surface to give the spiral affect. The diamonds around the edge is EasyStructure stenciled through the Powertex Wonderland stencil.

What will you create?


Emma W