Inspiration – Door Signs for a Rocket Man

June’s Inspiration series will be looking at some of the Door Signs we are making in our June Class.

MDF templates are the perfect base for 2D Powertex projects, they can hold at lot of weight and can be cut into intricate shapes.

For door signs, I use 3mm MDF

  • Base shape and letters from Infinite Crafts 
  • Shapes from Crafty Cow on the Green in Birmingham

Powertex makes a great glue, I cover both sides of the base and edge before adding a layer of EasyStructure and lace shapes covered in Powertex.

Once the letters have been fixed into place (don’t forget the sides of the shapes). I added 3D stones and Sand. Hint – start with the largest size and go down to the sand.

I wanted bright colours to be set off from the black. I chose the interference pigments from Powertex as well as silver, mojito lime and blue curacao.

I am learning to be brave with my colour choices and not to clean my brush between colour to give a more natural flow between colours.

What will you create with Powertex?

Emma W