Inspiration – May Flowers Week 2

In week 2 of our May Flowers mini-series, we look at Flower Sculpture.

After last week’s introduction into flowers with Powertex, I am starting with my favourite, Flower Sculpture with T-Shirt fabric and showcase the technique class from today’s Powertex in the Pub.

I love Flower Sculpting, it’s so easy with Powertex. As I said last week, I tend to use coloured Powertex and tint the edges with metallic pigments.

I prefer to sculpt with T-Shirt fabric as it’s a little thicker and keeps it shape beautifully. I cut my spirals by hand and a 5cm circle will reduce down to just over a 1cm.

The wider the arms of the spiral the taller the petals and the more spirals you cut the thicker the rose.

I like to start twisting from the centre and I keep a tooth pick to hand firstly to add a little Powertex to the end to stick it down and secondly to tease the petals apart. It also helps to hold it in place whilst you shape the leaves.

Because you are drying a number of layers of fabric, it can take at least overnight or longer if you are leaving it to air dry. The advantage is that you have a little longer to shape the petals.

I like to finish off with dry brushing the tips of the petals and leaves. Copper works well with both red and green Powertex.

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Emma W