Inspiration – Powertex 6th Birthday

Powertex UK is 6 this week, an anniversary we traditionally celebrate with iron.

In the UK we traditionally celebrate a 6th anniversary with Iron or more recently with sugar and these are the themes that Powertex have chosen for their birthday competition.

I am recycling an old iron, the sort where you would put a piece of coal in it to heat it. The moment I saw this, I thought a canal art colours of gold, ivory, green, yellow and red.

I made the main decoration out of recycled t-shirt fabric, which I shaped before I put them onto the iron. We will be making t-shirt fabric roses in our may class.

I decided to keep some of the rust details so I painted the edges with hold to resemble gilt and to carry on the canal theme, I painted the sides green.

To complement the fabric flowers, I added some Stone Art embellishments including flowers and feathers and MDF flowers.

Happy 6th anniversary to Tracey and Gary Evans of Powertex UK, whose dedication and enthusiasm has built the company into something great.

Emma W