Inspiration – Easter Baskets

If you have made your Easter Eggs then you may want to make a basket to display them in.

T–Shirt yarn is made from recycled waste from the textiles industry. It’s perfect with Powertex as you can use it to build depth and structure to projects.

I used 30cm lengths of T-Shirt yarn for each of the coils, you can unravel the yarn lengthways to make sure the Powertex gets in to all of the fabric and it will curl back on to itself before you creat the coil.

I used a plastic bowl to provide the basic shape, If you use a pottery bowl, cover it with clingfilm first so it won’t stick to the surface. I started at the top to form the base of the bowl, before moving on to the sides of bowl.

Because the T-Shirt yarn is thick even before its coiled, I left it for 24hrs to dry, covering it with clingfilm so it couldn’t be knocked.

Because I formed my bowl around a flat shape the inside is slightly smooth inside, some of them at flatter than others but this dies not affect the outside.

Once the bowl is dry, you can dry brush with different colours of pigments or use alcohol inks with ivory Powertex for spring colours.

They look perfect with the Easter Eggs

Emma W