Class Spotlight – May 2019 Fairy Houses

Our May 2019 “Powertex in the Pub” class is a cute Fairy House which can be displayed inside and out.

Powertex is a great material for upcycling a range of materials and our May class upcycles jam jars, fabrics, cardstock and single use plastic.

These houses have a removable roof which makes them perfect for hiding trinkets inside them, or your very own home for the tooth fairy hidden in the garden. Leave the tooth overnight and the tooth fairy may leave a little something in the morning.

Upcycling is very important to us at Portberry Crafts and we love finding ways to recycle materials that you wouldn’t normally associate with Powertex, such as single use plastics.

You will pleased to hear that the gloves, table covering and packaging form part of the structure of thses houses.

You will be able to make a themed house in floral and butterflies, steampunk, nautical or woodland themes with a range of ivory, bronze or black Powertex.

This months technique project will be looking at EasyStructure, a thick modelling paste designed to work perfectly with Powertex.

Further details can be found on our Portberry Crafts Website

Emma W