Inspiration – Easter Eggs

As my friend Michelle says, Eggs always look good with Powertex

Although Powertex doesn’t stick to most plastics, it does stick to polystyrene, meaning it’s perfect for making Easter Eggs. Make them at least 3 weeks in advance and you can hide them in the garden.

One of the simplest ways of adding texture is coat the polystyrene shape with a thin layer of Powertex and cover with a plain white napkin before addinga second thin coat of Powertex, making sure you keep the creases in place. This will give you a texture which could be bark, or leaf or  even dragon skin.

I added further detail by adding a lace motif.

Once the egg is dried, you can colour them using a number of techniques, for Easter Eggs I like to use Acrylic Inks, the provide a translucent sheen of colour, even with deep shades and they look almost jewel like.

Last year Powertex brought out a cold wax called PowerWax. You can mix it with pigments to create a gilding wax which is perfect for gently rubbing over the motifs to bring out the detail. I find it easier to control than dry brushing when I want to highlight an area.

I finished the jewelled eggs by adding crystals to highlight details in the motifs with transparent Powertex

Emma  W