Portberry Crafts – April Sneak Peek Plaque

Each month at Portberry Crafts we will be making a mini project designed to teach you different Powertex techniques

This month’s Secret Art Box unboxing is slightly delayed, so I thought I would share our April’s mini project.

Each month at Powertex in the Pub, alongside the main project, we have a mini make to help build your Powertex skills.

This month we will be looking at some of the basics with Powertex including:

  • Fabric Sculpting.
  • Mixing pigments with Powertex to add colour to projects.
  • Dry Brushing with pigments and varnish.

We will also be looking at easy ways to adding texture to backgrounds with your finger and how Powertex works with different materials such as Plaster of Paris, Wood and Cotton.

All of these techniques will used in our May class in the Fairy House. Don’t worry if you can’t make our April class as we will be reminding you of the techniques in May.

Emma W