Portberry Crafts Classes – Making Your Notebook

If you have been to our Notebook class or bought one of our notebook kits, you will need to know how to put it together.

Which side to decorate?

When you start, you have a back and front cover separate from the pages. The outside of the back cover has a sticker on it (you can take this off to decorate).

To find the outside of the front cover, place the back cover on the left side with the sticker facing upwards. Then  place the other cover on the right hand side with the holes meeting in the middle. You may want to write the words outside front on this cover to remind you.

If you are still not sure if you have the outside face up, the inside has a small seam running around the edge.

How to make up the notebook

Once you have finished decorating the covers (you can decorate the back cover, but I have it left blank so you can see the difference), you are ready to make up your notebook.

You need both of your covers and the inside pages with the ring binder still attached.

In this photo, I am looking at the outside of both the front and back covers. Notice I have left a sticker on the outside of the back cover!

First, you need the front cover and the pages. Lay the front cover down on the right side so the holes are in the middle. Then lay the pages down on the left hand side so the metal ring binding is also in the middle.

The prongs should be up in the air and the flat bits of the arches resting on the page. You are looking the last page in your notebook.

Poke the holes in the front cover of notebook on to the prongs. The outside of the cover should be facing upwards.

Second, get the back cover and turn it over so the inside of the cover is facing upwards (in this case you can’t see the sticker) and the holes are facing into the middle.

Poke the back cover on to the prongs so it is sitting on top of the front cover.

Using your fingers and thumb, gently squeeze the prongs and the flat parts of the ring binder together, they need to be next to each other but not touching.

Once you have closed the ring binder you can flip the back cover over onto the pages and you will see the outside of each cover facing upwards (you can see the sticker again!)

You can now close your notebook and it is ready to use.

Look out for more great kits and classes at the Portberry Crafts website. You can also contact us via the website if you have problems with your notebook.

Emma W