Anything Goes – Making the most of Stone Art

This month’s “Anything Goes” looks at mixing stone art.

One way of taking Powertex to the next level is making your own embellishments by combining stone art in equal measures with Powertex to make your own air drying clay.

This is a great way of stretching any powertex you have left in a bowl at the end of a project.

I spoon the stone art powder into the powertex, one spoon  at a time, mixing it with my finger. Once I get to a solid consistency I take it out and mould (occasionally adding a drop more powertex).

I then knead the ball into an even texture and colour and then roll into a sausage. The texture will feel drier than most air-dried clay, but this makes it perfect to mould.

Powertex UK has a great range of exclusive moulds, which after a light dusting with corn flower are perfect for stone art clay.

You can also make stone art out of any colour powertex, for example this month’s showcase colour – Bronze or even Ivory, great for colouring, even metallic Gold.

You will never be short of embellishments when you make your own!

Emma W