Inspiration – Mothering Sunday

When I think of Mothering Sunday,  I think of life, flowers and soft colours.

This month’s Secret Art Box has some wonderful wooden rabbits in them which immediately made me think of Mothering Sunday.

I started by covering a basic photo frame with some textured cotton fabric.

Although the fabric started as blue and white. It colours well with Powertex.

I painted the rabbit first with Powertex and then put a thick layer on the back before pressing it in to the still wet fabric. The key at this stage is to then walk away from it and not play.  Powertex is an amazing glue, if you let it do its stuff.

I left the rabbit overnight to dry before adding a range of Stone Art Flowers and butterflies. I stuck these on whilst the clay was still soft so I could shape them and I fixed them in place with a little more powertex.

Now Bronze Powertex is not necessarily a colour you would associate with spring and I wanted to bring out spring colours.

I chose to dry-brush half the frame in Powertex Powercolour Lilac and half in Powercolour Lime Green, both with a hint of white to soft the colours.

I find it takes about three of four coats to build the colour up to get the effect I wanted, don’t try to rush it but you can pick up the details in the flowers very quickly when you dry brush over them, so I like to start there to see the transformation.

To bring the whole frame together, once I had the desired amount of colour on the frame I brushed over a couple of coats of silver to give it some shimmer and painted the cardboard mount that came with the frame with lilac and silver.

Thank you for reading

Emma W