Product Showcase – Bronze Powertex

The first of a monthly series in 2019 showcasing the different colours of Powertex.

There are a wide range of colours of Powertex available and Bronze is great place to start. We will be using it in our April class.

Powertex is a water based, non-toxic and weather-proof when you use natural fibre and allow it too full dry for three weeks.

Bronze Powertex is a deep rich brown which is great for beginners as you can see how much material you have covered and it masks patterns in the material.

The material on this frame used to be blue and white skirt (you’ll be seeing more of this frame next week).

It can be used with matt colour such as yellow or green in this notebook to create a natural wood-like effect.

… or with metallic golds and pearl pink in this clock, to produce a vintage weathered look.

The clock also has stone art flowers made with bronze powertex.

If you are looking for a colour to start your Powertex journey,  you can’t go wrong with Bronze.

There are still places available on our April course if you want to try Powertex.

Emma W