Inspiration – St Patrick’s Day Notebook

I am sharing another example of the type of notebook we are making April’s “Powertex in the Pub”

Happy St Patrick’s Day, I love the sea of green and gold that we associate with this day and used it as the base for my latest project.

When I am making notebooks, I like to start with a single layer napkin as the base layer. This can become dragon skin, leaf or bark, depending on your project. Doesn’t photography too well but does look good!

Powertex is great for upcycling and I am using an old DVD to add extra sparkle to this project. I have also used a mixture of fabric, metal, wooden, stone art and MDF shapes to add the detail.

The key when colouring around mirror or DVD with Powertex is to have a damp brush available at all times to keep wiping the surface of the mirror to keep it clean. Don’t let your ink or pigments dry or you could be left with an unintended feature!

Once I added the Aqua Metallic ink to the Ivory Powertex base, I dry-brushed the project with a layer of Ivory Powertex and then rich gold. The extra layer of ivory helps the gd to stand out.

If you are interested in making a notebook, we still have tickets left for our April class.

Emma W