Portberry Crafts Colour of the Month – Bronze

Bronze is still my “go to” base colour. It’s a perfect base for many different colour pigments.

Bronze was the first colour Powertex that used. Its a true neutral colour as it’s neither warm or cool and can be used with pigments from both sides. It dries slightly darker than the liquid with a matt finish.

As a base colour it’s works well with the matt, metallic and pearl pigments. However I love it with the metallics.

If you want to use the acrylic sprays or paints, I advise you dry brush a ivory or white powertex to the raised parts of your project. This technique adds an automatic shadow to your projects.

One of my favourite colour combinations are with copper and bronze with turquoise as you can create a burnished metallic look to your figurines and models.

One other technique which works very with Bronze is to mix a pigment into the liquid directly and paint it onto your project. I find that works very well on faces Where you may want an even layer of colour.

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Emma W