Portberry Crafts Texture of the Month – Stone Art

Stone Art is a versatile powder from Powertex which can be used to add texture or create an air-dried clay.

This week marks the first anniversary of my Stone Art training. Lockdown has meant that I’ve not been able to do as much with it as I would like but we have some classes coming this year where it will be taking centre stage.

Stone Art to create Stone Effect and as a clay

There are a number of ways Stone Art can be used. Firstly you can cover your base substrate with a coat of Powertex and pat a layer of Stone Art into it to make a textured faux-stone effect as seen above. The more tines you repeat this process, the more effective it becomes.

Using Stone Art.to create paste.

Secondly you can mix a small amount into Powertex to thicken the Powertex and to add texture that way, I also like to add 3D sand or balls too, as you can see in the sea elements here. Depending on how thick you mix it you can also use it as a stencil paste.

Roof tiles made from Stone Art Clay

Last year we ran a class decorating the roof of a bird house using clay made from mixing Powertex with Stone Art. You can use the clay in moulds or plungers or free style your models.

Leaves made with Plunger Moukds and Stone Art

We will be using Stone Art in our May class, if you are interested in learned.

Emma W