Class Spotlight – Patchwork with Powertex

Transparent Powertex acts differently to coloured Powertex. February class showcases how it works.

In February for the first time, we are running a class which uses Transparent Powertex to make a patchwork indoor piece of art work.

Transparent Powertex works great with pattern cotton fabric but because it soaks into the fabric and dries, the material retains a wet look. So it’s advisable to test any special fabric before you use it.

Out of the bottle, Transparent Powertex is thick, gloopy and milky coloured. Unlike coloured Powertex it is not weather proof until you cover it with varnish.

In our February class, we are using Transparent Powertex with a range of cotton fabrics to create a seasonal picture in the shape of a 32cm owl. The example pictured is of a spring combination but we  cottons for the other seasons too.

Tickets are now available. Come and joins us as I would love to see what you will create.

Emma W