Here’s to 2020 at Portberry Crafts

I am excited as to what 2020 will bring for Portberry Crafts and I wanted to share some of it.

Welcome to 2020, I am already excited about our main programme of classes,  which will be a mixture from the most popular 2019 classes and some brand new ideas.

From March, some of the new classes will involve Stone Art, as I complete my level 2 Powertex training in February.

Over on Facebook, The Powertex Studio announced their new monthly challenge. I will be sharing some ideas each month around the theme of the challenge. If you haven’t already joined The Powertex Studio, check them out.

We will be continuing our regular blog articles showcasing Powertex products and the Secret Art Box and giving you ideas on how you can use your existing craft supplies. And on many weekends we will also be sharing projects with you for inspiration.

We will also be introducing regular blog articles around this year’s Pantone colour and a monthly upcycling idea.

Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you at our classes soon.

Emma W