Product Showcase – Yellow Ochre

Yellow Ochre Powertex is a perfect base for warm colours, especially browns and bronze.

I love the warmer colours of Powertex such as bronze, terracotta and yellow ochre as they work well together as well as with brown and mahogany bisters, the gold colortricx and orange and brown pigments.

When I work with Yellow Ochre Powertex, I often leave some of it without pigments as it such a bright colour. Maybe adding just a little bit of gold!

Yellow Ochre is a true colour, it dries a little darker than in the bottle but not by much. It tones well with many other powertex colours and I find a small 250ml bottle goes a long way.

Yellow Ochre is a perfect colour if you want to start to experiment with projects that use two or more colours of Powertex.

What will you create?

Emma W