Inspiration – May Flowers Week 3

In the third part of our May Flower mini series we look at stone art.

One of the best things about the Powertex family of products is the ability to make your own embellishments, including stone art powder to make air drying clay and silicon moulds to shape them.

Demonstrating air dry clay in moulds

Whenever I have a spare bit of Powertex in a bowl (you can’t decant it back into the bottle as it has already started to cure), I mix it with stone art and make my own embellishments.

They can be used straight away whilst still soft, meaning you can continue to shape them or leave them to dry completely before sticking them to a project with a dab of Powertex.  You can make the clay with any of the coloured Powertex options.

I keep a box to hand which is full of lots of different coloured stone art shapes and regardless of the coloured shape, I can paint over them with Powertex if I want a consistent base to work on.

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You can colour Stone Art flowers in as many ways as you can colour Powertex. They look great dry brushed, as if they were carved.

And they also look beautiful coloured when painted.

What will you create?

Emma W