Secret Art Box – March Unboxing

I love subscription boxes and I couldn’t resist when I heard Powertex were starting them this year.

Every month I am going to share the box in the middle of the month and my completed project at the end of the month.

This month has a Match Hare theme, there are two lovely realistic Hare MDF shapes which can be added to canvases or the front of notebooks.

Also this month we have Stone Art, a Powertex product which come in a light powder form,. It can be rubbed into wet Powertex to give extra stone-like texture or mixed in equal parts with it to form an air drying clay. The Powertex team have thought of everything and included the Stobe Art DVD (also available from the powertex website) to give you more ideas.

This month there are also some lovely 3D substrate MDF and wooden bases, that moon comes with a stand and reminds me of an ethereal early spring mystical morning… just when you may see hares boxing.

There are loads of great Powertex products, such as a bottle of Bronze Powertex,  bister, varnish and pigments

If you want to know more about the Secret Art Box,  see the Powertex website for details.

Emma W