Inspiration – Stone Art

This week I am doing more Powertex Training, after which we can start offering Stone Art classes.

I love Stone Art, the magic powder you can mix with Powertex to creat a stone effect or air drying clay. And I can’t wait to bring it to Portberry Crafts.

So why do you need Stone Art? Firstly, is that it’s a quick and easy way to add texture. Rub it into light Powertex colours (ivory or white) to create a stone like texture and then spritz it with bisters.

Secondly you can mix it into Powertex to make a light-weight, tough, air-drying  clay… and you can do this with any colour Powertex.

You can use the clay free-hand to create models or with silicon moulds. Once dry  you can paint them or varnish them and their perfect for outdoor or indoor projects.

I’m really looking forward to what you will create.

Emma W