Inspiration – Seasonal Owls

Missed our February class? Here’s a look back on what we did.

February’s class had a couple of firsts for Portberry Crafts.  It was the first time we used a range of printed fabrics.

It was the first time that we used Transparent Powertex as a fabric hardener and not just as an amazing glue. It’s great fun watching the cotton fabric go from being a wet milky white when you first dip it into Transparent Powertex back to their vibrant colours as it dries.

It was also the first time we applied Powertex using washing up sponges. This is a cheap, easy way to add texture to your project, and for marbling two or more colours together.

There were some old favourite techniques, we added EasyStructure and MDF shapes to the background.

And played with pre-cut shapes of fabric to add visual interest in the final piece.

But there is good news, tickets for our March class is now available and it’s an old favourite – Fairy Houses.

What will you create?

Emma W