Inspiration – Face in a Plaque

Mini Works of Art don’t just need to be tag shaped, an old DVD or CD makes the perfect base.

Upcycling is an important part of our ethos as a company, I love finding ways to recycle plastic. Today I am using old DVDs, the free sort you sometimes get in magazines.

I created a weatherproof base by covering both sides of the DVD with a couple of layers of Powertex and tissue paper. This provides a base which can be used for lots of different textures including bark, leaf, scales or sand.

For this example I decorated the plaque with plaster of paris face and two pieces of material, keeping broadly to the circular shape.

I am trying to use new colour combinations and not shy away from adding more colour. One colour I don’t use a lot is Orange, mainly because I have clear colouring so go for blues and purples. For this project I decided to go warm and I used orange, Tequila Sunrise and Limoncello Gold.

You can learn more about these techniques at our September Class 

I look forward to seeing your mini works of art.

Emma W