Hints and Tips – Using Pattern Paper

In our monthly column focusing at how you can use your existing craft supplies with Powertex, we look at Pattern Paper.

Did you know that Powertex UK do a brilliant range of rice papers? And Easy Coat, a clear decoupage glue which comes in gloss or matt? Perfect for using with any pattern paper in projects.

If you haven’t used Easy Coat, it’s very easy to use

  1. Cover your substrate with a thin coat before placing the paper pattern on it with the pattern side up.
  2. I make sure it is properly stuck down by going over the surface with a clean brayer.
  3. Cover the top side of the paper with a thin layer of Easy Coat.
  4. Once dried, to get a neat edge,  go round the sides with a sanding block before sealing the edge with Easy Coat.
  5. You can use pigments once dried to add colour.

Rice Paper can add a translucent quality, so you may want to prime dark surfaces such as MDF with white or ivory Powertex before adding the easy coat. Most standard pattern papers are more opaque.

Thank you for reading, what will you create?

Emma W