Product Showcase – Ivory Powertex

Ivory Powertex is the perfect base for colourful products as it can be coloured in a number of ways.

I love colour and I love Ivory Powertex because it’s the perfect base to add colour, This notebook cover started as different shades of brown.

But by adding Alcohol Inks you can turn it bright green (with hints of gold pigments).

You can add pigments in to the ivory Powertex, the hat on this mask has been mixed with pink flamingo pearl pigment powder and painted with blue curacao on the back. The flurishes are mixed with a small amount of blue curacao to give it a pale colour.

The main part of the mask is white and is dry brushed with gold. The braiding around the hat is Ivory Powertex and Stone Art.

What will you create?

Emma W