Inspiration – Toadstalls and Forest Friends

When making a project, it’s helpful to take photos before you start #powertexing. But only if you refer back to it!

One of the tips I always give in the class is, once you have decided on a design is to take a photo. Partly as a reminder and partly to see what it looks like from a distance.

But this only helps if you refer back it, if you don’t, when working with individual letters, your may find letters can go a little off-centre and in this case the “s” got squashed!

Although this project was covered in bronze Powertex you can add details to your embellishments with a delicate brush, Powertex pigments and easy varnish, adding a further level of weather-proofing.

The animal shapes are made from Hearty Soft air drying clay and covered in Powertex. As you can see the details from the moulds are not lost despite a layer of Powertex and dry brushing.

When you are dry brushing, start with dark colours before moving to light colours and finish with your metallic or pearl pigments.

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What will you create?

Emma W